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USER WARNING - we are expecting the VSA wbsite to go off-line in the near future as we install necessary upgrades. If you need access to content we encourage you to download images sooner rather than later (please keep a record of any acknowledgements to source you would need to make if you intend to on-use these).

Thank you to those who have supported the VSA to allow the site to stay open for the past year.  These include sponsorship from CNOOC and The Geological Society along with generous support from individuals listed on our JustGiving page. Click on this link: JUSTGIVING to access our fundraising page. Further support gratefully received!

The VSA is a resource for sharing the geological interpretation of seismic data. By browsing freely through the site you will find seismic images and interpretations. And you can download higher resolution images for your own use - all without signing in. There are no membership fees, all we ask is that you respect the intellectual property rights of the contributors who have posted images on the VSA. Just hit the link "Search" to start!

Use the VSA to find images of subsurface structures, submarine landscapes, the structure of oceanic water-bodies and much more. You can search for analogues of subsurface geology, rapidly contrasting geological features, finding areas of controversy. You'll find results from cutting-edge technology and breaking research alongside historically important images of the subsurface.

The VSA is used by thousands of geoscientists each week. It's a great place to promote your own science, and for companies to showcase datasets and expertise. It's simple to author new content and link to your research webpages or related publications.

We  welcome new content. If you wish to post interpretations or new seismic images we can set you up with authoring permission.  Find out more from the "About the VSA" link below.

The Privacy Notice within the "About" section explains how the University of Leeds - the host for the VSA - collects and uses your personal data when you use the website.

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